In the world of cards

In the world of cards

Deck building is a mechanic that I particularly like and I have already told you about it in these lines.

This consists of starting the game with a pack of cards, usually ten. All players have the same cards in hand most of the time, although there are some decks that are asymmetrical.

From these ten cards, you will play your turn, knocking down cards on the table, usually five per turn. You will thus cause effects and collect points which will allow you to buy new cards which are on the table.

There is something akin to optimization in this mechanic. You have to build the best possible package to be more efficient and come out on top.

Here are three games which take up this mechanic and which offer very different worlds.

Vikings Gone Wild

  • 2 to 4 players
  • 45-90 minutes
  • 10 years +

We find ourselves in a universe that comes straight out of comics in this game that does not take itself at all seriously and which is inspired by a mobile application. We therefore find very colorful cards and a board that make you want to play.

The principle of the game is very simple, you have to develop your Viking village by building a pack of cards that will be both effective in obtaining new cards and in generating resources that will allow you to acquire new buildings and defenses for you. protect from other players.

Because unlike many deck building games, this one comes with a bit of interaction between players.

You will therefore start the game with a basic package that you will be able to improve by exchanging barrels of beer and gold bars for new cards.

In return, these cards will perform better and allow you to amass more beer and gold than you can possibly store in reserves that you have built by spending beer and gold. In short, there is also an engine building element, another very interesting mechanic.

But beware, it will not be enough for you to build, you will also need to recruit attack and defense cards that will allow you to attack your opponents to steal goods from them and also to defend yourself against them who can also make you the shot.

The game is going smoothly, the laps are rather quick and generally the score remains quite tight until the end.

It's great family entertainment.

DC Comics Deck Building Game

  • 2 to 5 players
  • 45 minutes
  • 15 years +

Immerse yourself in the world of DC superheroes in this classic deck building.

You will therefore start the game with a given number of cards, the same for everyone.

You will then start playing it in order to collect points that you will spend on new, more powerful cards.

In this game, cards from the same color family combine to increase your power and abilities. It is therefore interesting to have a minimum of specialization without forgetting to collect cards from other families, if only to prevent your opponents from getting their hands on it.

The effect of combinations can be very powerful and allow you to play a lot of cards on your turn if you build your deck well.

Another interesting detail, there is an element of cooperation even if the players clash. Indeed, there are villains to be defeated who will otherwise attack. It is therefore important to collect a good number of offensive cards to fight them.

The game is really very simple, but not completely simplistic. But above all, do not be fooled by the age quoted by the manufacturer, a child under ten years old can play it easily if he has no reading problem, because it is important to understand all the effects of cards that are well in French despite the name of the game.

Clank! In the space

  • 2 to 4 players
  • 45-90 minutes
  • 12 years +

He's Clank's brother ! which we have already told you about in this column. But this time, the adventure takes place in a modular platform that represents a space capsule.

And this new universe is accompanied by a game experience a little more difficult than in the first game. It's actually a nice evolution on the same theme.

So we leave the dungeon, but we find many of the same maps that have been renamed and themed in a science fiction universe that is a bit cartoonish. And a nice addition to the mechanics, there are now families of cards and playing more than one allows combinations that can be very practical.

So you have to once again venture into the depths of the plateau to retrieve an artifact, but first, you have to disengage an electronic circuit by performing two hacking operations, which means that you have to act quickly because this time- Here, the threat is even more fierce than in the first game.

The platform is modular and the parts are double-sided, so the capsule can be modified to make it even more difficult to maneuver.

Your trips will not be easy since there are many pitfalls, so it will be up to you to build your package well to be as efficient as possible.

The game is very dynamic despite the absence of interactions between the players.

The only downside is that the parts that make up the capsule fit together with difficulty and deteriorate quickly for a game that retails for around $ 80, according to the store.

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