In Tours, Emmanuel Macron caught up with the vaccine

    In Tours, Emmanuel Macron caught up with the vaccine

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    Without windows, the room of the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) of Tours (Indre-et-Loire), where Emmanuel Macron came to promote the reform of child support, remains sealed to the political storm that rumbles against the vaccine strategy of the executive. With the mothers and the father whom the president came to meet, it will be a question of painful intimate stories in the manner of a support group. And this device which, since January 1, allows CAF to act as an intermediary between separated parents and to guarantee unpaid pensions.

    With this trip, the president wants to put a spotlight on this measure born following the yellow vests crisis. A way of not being confined to the sole management of the Covid crisis and of putting forward a balance sheet. “We must never lose track of what we do, otherwise we just run behind the events and we never solve the problems”, defends Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines of these exchanges.

    “I made the decisions and then there is the government”

    At the CAF, the president does not want to talk about the vaccine when asked by the press. “I made the decisions and then there’s the government,” he said. He reserved his details for the fifteen or so local elected officials who were waiting for him “with many questions” at the prefecture. The president of the AMF of Indre-et-Loire, Cédric de Oliveira, in particular, addresses him by reporting “the exasperation of citizens” and formulating a service offer.

    “The vaccination figures displayed in our country at the present time are very far from those of our European neighbors,” says the letter he gives him on behalf of the 538 mayors of Indre-et-Loire and Loir- and-Dear. It is obvious that organizational and logistical difficulties explain this slowness, which our combined efforts could remedy. The same concern of the LR president of the Indre-et-Loire departmental council, Jean-Gérard Paumier.

    “We were heard on deconcentration and acceleration”

    Faced with these local elected officials, behind closed doors, Emmanuel Macron insists on the need to “vaccinate the most vulnerable”. But he also mentions, according to several participants, the establishment of “five to six centers per department in coordination with the ARS, prefectures, health professionals before the end of January”, a communication campaign. Even in the long term, with a new generation of vaccines, a strategy similar to that used for seasonal flu, ie a simpler process allowing in particular vaccination in pharmacies. “We were heard on deconcentration and acceleration”, savored Jean-Gérard Paumier at the exit.

    Everyone knows, within the executive and the majority, even before thinking about the next step, it is this crucial step that must be succeeded “We must absolutely turn the page quickly, blows a ministerial adviser. The oppositions know very well that the president is playing his re-election on this. Emmanuel Macron reminded local elected officials, we must be prepared for this crisis to last. Philippe Chalumeau, LREM deputy for Indre-et-Loire present at the prefecture sums up: “The vaccination will not suddenly stop the pandemic and there will be the economic and social crisis to manage. »In the background, this question: how, in such a context, to draw the continuation of the quinquennium? And tackle the presidential campaign …

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