In Turkey have discovered a mysterious temple of ancient civilizations

В Турции обнаружили таинственный храм древних цивилизаций

T-like a monument discovered in the southeastern Turkish province of Mardin. The temple is very similar to gobekli Tepe, an ancient temple complex, built over 12,000 years ago and is considered the birthplace of the ancient civilization and the oldest temple on the planet’s surface.

About it reports “Hvil”.

Now, in addition to the structure, discovered in the Turkish province of Mardin, the archaeological mission found ancient structure in the North-West of Turkey, which is considered to be approximately 8 800 years.

В Турции обнаружили таинственный храм древних цивилизаций

Archaeologist and head of excavations Burchin Erdogu from Trakia University believes that design, which, in terms of design resembles Göbekli Tepe most likely dates to around 6000 BC.

Previous archaeological excavations on the mound Ugurlu-Zeytinlik revealed in a 7000-year-old complex of monuments. It is expected that the new discovery of the temple, which was 8000 years, will help to shed light on the history of the region, and will also help the experts to understand the possible connection between this temple and others.

В Турции обнаружили таинственный храм древних цивилизаций

“This structure is an important discovery, like the Aegean Islands and Western Anatolia… T-shaped monument has been identified as an obelisk; tall quadrilateral structure, ending with a pyramid,” explained Erdogu.

Constructed of two separate parts, connected by a massive seven-meter walls, this structure is reminiscent of the standing stones at Göbekli Tepe. Understanding the newly found temple can help to shed light on the history of the region.

Erdogu found that public facilities such as the recently discovered temple complex, considered endangered throughout the Middle East.
“Monumental buildings seem part of the territory where people would come and have some activities and rituals,” — added the archaeologist.

В Турции обнаружили таинственный храм древних цивилизаций

Göbekli Tepe is the first temple ever built on Earth. Ancient place located in modern Turkey, numbering nearly 13 000 years, currently has 200 posts, prisoners in 200 laps.

Each of the pillars in Göbekli Tepe has a height of 6 meters. Their unusual weight. Studies have shown that each of the stones at Göbekli Tepe weighs about 10 tons. They were inserted into the artificial sockets that have been carved from bedrock.

The exact purpose and function of the Göbekli-Tepe remain a mystery. Excavations at the site continued in 1996. However, the largest part of the temple remain hidden beneath the surface.

В Турции обнаружили таинственный храм древних цивилизаций

The most common opinion is that Göbekli Tepe is a kind of mountain reserve, stone age and place of pilgrimage that could attract visitors to a distance of 150 kilometers.

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