In two provinces of Turkey began anti-terrorist operation Kıran

В двух провинциях Турции началась антитеррористическая операция Kıran

In the Turkish provinces of Bitlis and Siirt on Wednesday, December 18, began the VIII phase of the antiterrorist operation Kıran, which involves the police, gendarmerie and armed volunteers.

It is reported by the Ministry of internal Affairs of Turkey, says Anadolu.

The operations involved 232 special forces group and 3480 of the members of the security forces.

The operation aims to completely eliminate the threat of terrorism in Turkey.

For the first time the terrorist PKK declared itself in 1984. In subsequent years, the terrorists, the ALAC committed bloody terrorist attacks to destabilize and divide Turkey. The U.S. and the European Union made the PKK to list of terrorist organizations.

PKK terrorist organization commits armed attacks on government agencies and citizens of Turkey.

Despite Ankara’s attempts to find a solution to this situation, PKK terrorist organization from July 2015 resumed its armed attacks. Since that time killed about 500 civilians and 800 members of the security forces.

During the operation, security forces destroyed or seized more than 10 thousands of terrorists of PKK.

In recent years, the PKK seeks to shift the responsibility for the bloody crimes in the region in its branches. In Syria, the PKK terrorists hide behind names PYD and YPG and in the last two years, call themselves the “Syrian democratic forces”. In Iran, the PKK acts as “the Party of free life of Kurdistan” (PJAK).

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