In U.S. withdraw all new BMW due to screen settings

В США отзывают все новые BMW из-за настроек экрана

Problems noted in almost all vehicles from 2018 model year. Service campaign will affect models of the brands BMW, Rolls-Royce and even Toyota. The latter respond Cullinan, Phantom and Supra. The revocation reason is very unpredictable – on all the above models have problems with setting the rear view camera: the system allows you to adjust the image so that to distinguish objects on the screen becomes difficult. When the ignition is turned off settings are not reset. In the report, NHTSA States that BMW cars do not meet the standards of vehicle safety. Of the problem is known since may 2019, starting with a malfunction on the model of the BMW X4. The defect is corrected simply by replacing the software. However, repair, the manufacturer will have almost all cars produced since the beginning of 2018 and implemented in the United States.

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