In Ukraine 35% scrotalis PLoS pid buckwheat

В Україні на 35% скоротились площі під гречкою

Pitched to 1 Zhovtnya PLoS pid buckwheat in Ukraine sensilis 34.7%, porwnanie s analogni period view from the past year. Respectively, of Obagi wirewound culture have swetnam period scrotalis by 56.3%, porwnanie s results suranna for analogni 2018 R. Powderly announced to dosit newts forecasting schodo podolskogo virobnictva of buckwheat in Ukraine the prices for Qiu the culture.So, according to Prognos, Obagi virobnictva buckwheat, Morna, will sorocovici I Nadal and cnova is culture dodati virobnika succulent at a wirewound.Z grudnia 2017 R. vartist buckwheat was zygomalas. So, in Serenoa for the 12 months 2018 R. price 1 kg of buckwheat skin will have sensuales 2.7%. Are included by July 2019 R. price of buckwheat postijno subsided, and vzhe in SERPs won zrosla 3.2%.Z nsogo side, the situation s Varstu buckwheat vpliva eksportnoy-mporta is in the country. Obagi morto for January-October 2019 p. at ficini Mas scrotalis 23.9%, porwnanie s data for the period analogni view from the past year. The main postachalnik culture were Kazakhstan ($1 million), OOO Russian Federation ($938 thousand.) the Peru ($373 thousand.). That is, levovo the share of the middle mporta sklada rosiyska buckwheat, Yak in Russia have weren 2019 R. podorazhala 7.6%, porwnanie s data for the period analogni view from the past year.Nonetheless, extend znacne snejanna obsahu virobnictva buckwheat, export s for this reason culture of Ukraine for January-October 2019 R. SRS mayzhe 2 Razi porwnania s analogni period view from the past year. Basic pokupali steel Poland ($2.7 million), Germany ($1.4 million) that Pudenda Africa ($1.1 million).Take suttle narodenia obsahu the export of buckwheat z Ukrainy obviously sprichinilo vigansky znowu proposing from countries-importers. Sugauchi at the VSI factory, into the future virobnictva that the sale of buckwheat in Ukraine , navisystem.

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