In Ukraine, a growing number of protracted

В Украине растет число долгостроев

In Ukraine there are up to 10 thousand residential units, the surrender of which was detained more than a year. The number of long-term construction on the market is only growing.

In 2019-2020 in only 15 of more than 100 unfinished projects in Kiev and the Kiev region will begin work on completion of construction. In General, the country was formed about 16 thousand protracted, 60% of them are residential complexes – these are homes where the commissioning was delayed more than a year.

Of course, not all of them are completely abandoned by developers, but many of these are idle for many years. Sometimes defrauded investors still have a chance to enter its long-awaited housing. Mechanisms to bring to mind an abandoned house a few.

One solution to the problem may be fractional, partnership participation of authorities in the completion of projects. Developers have taken a building permit and need to invest in infrastructure. The essence of this mechanism is to involve the completion of private companies, which could expect to profit from participation in such projects. The state may take on some financial burden or to compensate the developer for its costs.

Another mechanism is the willingness of defrauded investors to independently hire a company that will finish building their house. Buyers are United in cooperatives and, at its expense, hire a third-party developer. In such situations, the amount of additional investment can range from $100 to $300 per m2.

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