In Ukraine abolished the rule of “the pedestrian is always right”

В Украине отменили правило "пешеход всегда прав"

Ukraine’s Supreme court decided that if the accident was the fault of the pedestrian, the driver may demand compensation from him. While motorists have a right, even if the pedestrian was killed. About it reports the edition “Today”.

It is reported that in the case of the death of a pedestrian, compensation will be required to pay the relatives of the deceased.

According to the lawyers, the maintenance of financial responsibility was spelled out in the Civil code (CC), but in practice, courts almost never applied, and the adopted decision was cancelled by the higher court. Now a judge in such cases must take into account the decision of the APU.

According to them, it must produce a revolution in the courts and not the roads, the result of which should be to reduce the number of accidents attributable to pedestrians. They think people will more cautious to cross the street because now they can not only lose health but also lose money.

We will note, according to statistics of the Ukrainian police in 2019 was already about 130 thousand accidents in different cities of Ukraine. While 27 thousand 700 people in the accident was seriously injured and another 2 thousand 716 not survived the incident.

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