In Ukraine are going to change the rules of assessment apartments

В Украине собираются менять правила оценки квартир

The Verkhovna Rada can simplify the process of property valuation before selling it. Profile Committee of VR has supported the bill, which allows to get rid of the grounds intermediaries in the valuation of the property. It is now up to MPs.

If the deputies will vote for the bill, many appraisers will have to look for a job. People will get access to the module of the state property Fund and will be able to include all information about the apartment or house. And it will cost only RS 51.

In 2018, the state property Fund issued a permit VI PI Department (maintains the site Assessment. online) to connect to a Single database of appraisers.

All such services were provided by four sites: in addition to Assessment. online evaluation is done by a Professional rating (zakopal), rapid Assessment (company online Acceptance) and the Register of assessment (information and consulting center ASBO).

But sometimes people had a claim to their work.

“Assessment was higher than the actual cost of the apartment. For example, last year we sold a two-bedroom apartment for 1,070 million UAH, and the system estimated it at 1.3 million UAH. Taxes had to pay with a larger amount,“ — says the Director of the Academy Brock realty Dmitry Korchev.

Now, if the MPs decide to open access to a common database, the Ukrainians will no longer need the services of an appraiser.

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