In Ukraine banned the sale of heaters do not meet the environmental standards of the European Union

В Украине запретят продажу обогревателей не соответствующих экостандартам Евросоюза

The government of Ukraine approved technical regulation, according to which on Ukrainian market will be more energy efficient heaters.

At the meeting of the government of Ukraine under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk approved technical regulations, which foresees the establishment of requirements for ecodesign for space heaters space and combination heaters. The document was developed by the Saee, in conjunction with Minamaneho.

From now on, the heaters in Ukraine should have environmental and energy performance under European standards.

This equipment is economical to consume energy, have long life and less impact on the environment.

Domestic business, in turn, will have equal competitive opportunities with European manufacturers of heaters and will be able to put their equipment on the EU market.

At the same time, the introduction of ecodesign will gradually out of the market, those heaters that the most inefficient use of energy and cause the greatest negative impact on the environment.

This is another step towards the implementation of the 125-th EU Directive and the implementation of European standards of eco-design equipment.

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