In Ukraine began to operate the new Parking rules that you need to know each driver

8 February to take effect the new rules.

В Україні почали діяти нові правила паркування, які потрібно знати кожному водієві

Under the new Parking rules, police can prevent or bring to an impound lot cars for Parking violation and interference with road traffic. The same measures will be applied to cars parked in handicapped spaces, informs Rus.Media.

If the driver is in place, it can be held only by the Protocol on administrative responsibility, which police discharged on the spot. If the driver left the car in the wrong place and left her unable to block and leave under the windshield wiper of the message about the need to visit the district police station. And evacuated car can be returned, paying the cost of the services in its transportation and storage and paying a fine. The militiamen will fix violations in the photo and video.