In Ukraine came into force the abolition of state funding of parties with support for 2-5% of the vote

В Украине вступила в силу отмена госфинансирования партий с поддержкой 2-5% голосов избирателей

In Ukraine came into force, the norms that override state funding of political parties, which scored 2% of votes in the parliamentary elections, but did not overcome the 5% barrier. The corresponding changes in the law No. 140-IX.

Among other things, the law abolished the state financing of parties, with from 2 to 5% of the vote in parliamentary elections.

Funding of political forces who entered Parliament halved.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada adopted this law on October 2 237 votes of people’s deputies (almost only by the votes of the representatives of the faction “people’s Servants”). At each stage of the discussion, the document was criticized for “hidden” in the rules on state financing of parties – as in the whole law on the restart NACP.
Earlier it was reported how much public money and on what principle had to political parties.