In Ukraine can receive the magistrate

В Украине могут появиться мировые судьи

Justices of the peace can be equated in status to a judge of the court of General jurisdiction of the Commission on legal reforms under the President discussed the project.

One proposal, which is in the working group of the Commission on legal reform under President Vladimir Zelensky, is to introduce into the judicial system justices of the peace. The declared goal is to unburden the judiciary and to bring it to the population, to broaden the ways of pre-trial settlement of disputes.

“A huge problem — the formation of a judicial corps in the regions. Among the 700 individuals who have been for the last 5 years selection, no wishing to fill vacancies in the regions”, — said in his proposals a member of the Commission, the judge of Economic court of Kiev Roman Boyko.

According to him, the launch of the Institute of justices of the peace in the regions, where the number of judges in the court at least 5 individuals, will contribute to the consideration of minor cases.

It is worth noting that the idea of the introduction of justices of the peace have been offered now head of the working group of the Commission under the President, rector of National school of judges Mykola Onischuk.

“The only thing that would cost to maintain this provision, which is reflected in the coalition agreement of the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc and “Our Ukraine — national self-defense”, — the introduction of elected justices of the peace, which must include simple disputes between citizens of a social nature.

By the way, this tradition was from the time of judicial reform tsarist Russia in 1864 and now exists in the Russian Federation.

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