In Ukraine changed the requirements regarding the payment of old age pensions

В Украине меняются требования относительно выплат пенсий по возрасту

Announced new requirements for retirement age.

Who wants to retire at age 60 in 2020, you must have at least 27 years of service.

The rest of the citizens who do not have enough experience, have to work until 63 or 65.

As stated in the new requirements of the Cabinet for future pensioners in 2028, only 55% would perform the experience. That is, the number of Ukrainians who do not receive payments every year will only increase.

For example, in 2021 to a well-deserved retirement age (60 years) will be able to reach those Ukrainians, who have the experience will have 28 years of experience, but many at that age aren’t able to continue working because of injuries or illness and end up having to look for an assisted living facility to get help for their daily activities that they aren’t able to do on their own.

Those citizens who in 2020 will retire at 63, they need to have from 17 to 27 years of experience.

For Ukrainians wishing to retire at 65 next year, it is enough to have up to 17 years seniority. The indicators will grow each year by one point.

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