In Ukraine chose the best places 2019

В Украине выбрали лучшие заведения 2019 года

Fought for the victory of 187 institutions from 23 cities in the country.December 1, Ukraine has identified 18 winners of the National restaurant award “Salt”. “Salt” was founded in 2013. Today is the main event for the restaurant community in Ukraine. Institutions themselves are served by this award. Copper pan “Salt” (instead of statuettes awarded to winners) will receive those after you choose the experts and professional jury.

Discovery of the year – restaurant “Market relations”, str (St. Sholem Aleichem, 5).The best Ukrainian restaurant “Kanapa restaurant Salon”, Kiev (St. Andrew’s descent, 19).The best restaurant of national cuisine – the “Chichikov”, Kyiv (str, 23a).Best meat restaurant BEEF meat & wine, Kiev (Shota Rustaveli street, 11).Best seafood restaurant, Odessa Restaurant, Kiev, Ukraine (Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str., 114).Best Asian restaurant – Spicy, no Spicy, Kiev (Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str., 114).Best street food – “Divine tacos”, Odessa (Rishelievskaya str., 9a).Best urban cafe Dizyngoff, Odessa (Catherine PL., 5).The best cafe-bakery – “zhivy Hlib”, Lvov (St. Peter Doroshenko, 27; street of heroes of UPA, 78; str, 41; str, 104; Shevchenko str., 17).Best bakery – Milk Bar, Kiev (Shota Rustaveli street, 16).Best coffee – Coffee Roasters Foundation, Odessa (Zhukovskogo str., 19).The restaurant with the best wine – Vino e Cucina, Kyiv (St. Sich Riflemen, 82).Best wine bar – Win Bar, Kiev (horiva str, 16/7).Best beer restaurant – “This is a Pub”, Kyiv (15 Basseynaya St.; street 18; Trostyanetskaya str 4/2; liskovskaya str. 9a/22).The best pub Varvar bar, Kiev (Saksaganskogo str., 108/1).Best bar – the Daily Bar Benedict, Kharkov (Sumskaya str, 80).Best restaurant – Comme il Faut, Kyiv (2A Velyka Zhytomyrska street).The best country restaurant – Fabius, Kiev (Metropolitan highway 70).

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