In Ukraine counted 58 thousand illegal cars on EuroBLECH

В Украине насчитали 58 тысяч незаконных машин на  евробляхах

In Ukraine counted 58 thousand illegal machines for “EuroBLECH”
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In Ukraine hundreds of thousands of “eurobserv”, many of them are violators. Photo:

Another 466 thousand cars brought from abroad in the mode of “temporary import”.

Since the beginning of the 2018 year, Ukraine imported nearly 147 thousand cars in foreign rooms for personal use in the “transit”. Of them 58 thousand cars are in Ukraine with violation of the deadline. Another 466 thousand cars came to us from abroad in the mode of “temporary import”. This was reported in the State fiscal service.

– From the beginning of 2018 in Ukraine have been imported 146,8 thousand vehicles personal use from a foreign check in the “transit” to 465.9 thousand in the mode of “temporary import”. From a car imported this year in the “transit” of 57.9 thousand vehicles with foreign registration are in Ukraine with violation of the term stated in the statement.

In January-June 2018 customs of the SFS for violation of terms of transit, is composed of 14.2 thousand protocols were imposed fines amounting to almost 92 million. For violation of terms of temporary import GFS amounted to 3.7 thousand protocols on 49 million.

Everything is imported to Ukraine for the same period was 35.5 thousand cars.

– GFS is ready to support changes to legislation that will provide a solution to the situation with cars with foreign registration in Ukraine, – said the Agency.

July 11, thousands of owners of vehicles on avtonomera from all over Ukraine came to Kiev with the requirement to take the police access to the database “EuroBLECH” and start to consider the bill about reducing the costs of customs clearance.


To legalize EuroBLECH: the attempt number five

The Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law on preferential customs clearance of a car on foreign registration.

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