In Ukraine fell a record electricity prices

В Украине рекордно упали цены на электроэнергию

A record decline in prices recorded for the second time in the last month.

In the electricity market “day ahead” record dropped prices. So, electricity now sell for 898,40 UAH. per megawatt-hour. This is evidenced by the “market Operator”.

Earlier, the price fell a record 14 November 919, 80 UAH. per megawatt-hour.

The Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine announced that they plan to abandon a preferential electricity tariff for household consumers (mode special obligation, PSO). Rates for families that consume too much power, can raise to the level of class II industrial users. In particular, electricity tariffs may increase for those consumers who are well funded, or for residential customers hiding industrial production. We are talking about when a month is consumed 500 kW or more of electricity.

We also wrote that the gas price for population in Ukraine decreased by 7% compared to the third quarter of this year.

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