In Ukraine for 10 years, the area affected sunflower Broomrape has increased in 3 times

В Украине за 10 лет площади поражения подсолнечника заразихой увеличились в 3 раза

In Ukraine over the past 10 years, the area of damage of sunflower crops by Broomrape has increased in 3 times.

Sunflower Broomrape characterized by high productivity with preservation of seed germination in soil for up to 12-15 years.

Sunflower Broomrape is already widespread in the North and in the West of Ukraine, although the main area of its distribution and most of weediness remain South and East, where mass grown culture.

Besides a weakened sunflower plants are more susceptible to defeat other diseases.

“The increase in acreage of sunflower in Ukraine and reduce the time it returns to its original place (non-rotation) caused the worsening of the phytosanitary state of crops”, — stated in the message.

Recall that in Ukraine sunflower prices after seasonal incidence began to rise, supported higher prices of vegetable oils.

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