In Ukraine found threat infection: vaccines it is not

Ukrainians face a dangerous infection that has no cure and vaccine.

В Україні виявили небезпечну інфекцію: вакцин від неї немає

In the Sumy region recorded a rare infection – tularemia. The cure there is no vaccine.

Epizootic infection was confirmed by laboratory isolation of the causative agent of tularemia from rodents, ticks and environmental objects. Of course, this does not mean that tularemia in Ukraine pick up people. At the moment, no such cases recorded. But how dangerous is this infection? About it anonymous said the employee of one of the laboratory centers in Ukraine, informs Rus.Media.

Against tularemia in Ukraine do not have vaccines, because earlier bought Russian because it is available at a price. However, there are foreign analogues. Ukraine has a lot of natural foci of tularemia, but for now, this disease has been forgotten.

Now the monitoring of natural foci is almost “zero” due to the elimination of the departments of especially dangerous infections SES, and for many years the reorganization of the service is affected, the expert said.

In Ukraine there is a valid order of the Ministry for monitoring of the natural foci, but now it is not clear how and who should perform it. Therefore, with the tularemia the situation is complicated, says the expert.

According to the employee’s laboratory center, there is a significant activation of agents in the Odessa region on the boundary line for the uncontrolled increase in the number of mouse-like mammals. And in General, for Ukraine it is an unusual infection. At the same time in Ukraine there is a vaccine strain and a patent, however, he failed the test. To implement it I can’t because it needs money, and interest in the Ukrainian producers yet.