In Ukraine has sprosili producing subsidies for 3 categories of the population

В Україні спростили отримання субсидій для 3 категорій населення

Uryadov on Sasan 20 Zhovtnya pdimov SMN to decreed, yakimi Sprouse priznachennya of gitlevich subsidies. Now the subsidy bude lain oformiti of vysokovoltnoe, dituliskan semeinogo type that ukrainzam senior 60 years.

Ditch the home semeinogo type now smooth pretendovat for a subsidy for Ponderosa plow and navnit car more will not cause vtrati relief, powderly governmental portal.

As Uryadov smev mehanizm nadanna of gitlevich subsidy naselennyu have groshovi form. Groshi from powers not atzmaut Borgnine individuals that zrobili purchase for the amount of hope 50 tisyach UAH, vlasniku NERUHOMOSTI s opluwaniu Posey 120 sq m (for apartments) and the 200 meters for budinku, the low HIH group of the population.

Ocrm fact, according to s postanovku Uryadov No. 807, ti, hto trimas subsidy although those scho not mayut for the TSE law, Pavin will povernuti koshti to budget.

However straps for nezekan subsid not prebaceni, Ruspoli have Muncipality.

Nagado, 17 Zhovtnya Glad whalla the law about perevirka oderzhav PLG the subsidies.

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