In Ukraine ill with the measles and more people than in all of Europe

The number of cases of measles in Europe in 2018 exceeded 82 thousand people is the highest of the decade.

В Україні захворіло на кір більше людей, ніж у всій Європі

This is stated in the report of the world health organization (who) for the European region, informs Rus.Media.

Although the level of vaccination is improved, but the who says that the coverage is not sufficiently high to prevent the circulation of the virus in many countries.

Most cases in the past year was in the Ukraine, and the total number of measles in the country is higher than in other countries in the European region combined.

In Ukraine there were more than 53 thousand patients, and in the other countries of the region as a whole – slightly more than 34 thousand.

In Europe in 2018, measles killed 72 people, 16 of them – in Ukraine.

Who believes that the reason for the measles outbreak in Ukraine is the low level of vaccination.