In Ukraine introduced a new mechanism for monitoring gossiped

The new rules will contribute to better targeting of gossiped and optimization of budget expenditures.

В Україні вводять новий механізм моніторингу держвиплат

Platform for the implementation of verification government payments is almost ready. This January 22, said the representative of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine Serhiy Avramenko at the meeting of the parliamentary Committee on social policy, employment and pension provision. During the meeting, the Ministry of Finance submitted for discussion the draft law “On verification and monitoring of government benefits.”

According to officials, the new rules will contribute to the development of a fair social security system, improve the targeting of gossiped and optimization of budget expenditure, informs Rus.Media.

In particular, the document specifies:

  • The powers of the bodies exercising gossipcity.
  • The main stages of the verification and the list of data that are used for verification and monitoring of gossiped.
  • Will resolve the main issues of the collection, processing and analysis of data obtained from entities providing information.

The proposed document was supported by the Pension Fund, which, recall, maintains and generates the Register of compulsory state social insurance. To date, the database contains a unique record of 42 million Ukrainians. PF conducts a comparison of the identification data of pensioners and insured persons according to the Migration service, the state register of acts of civil status, DFS.

However, the Pension Fund claim, in order for the verification to effectively save the budgetary funds necessary to settle a number of points. In particular, officials are concerned:

  • Incorrect data in the state register or even their absence. Often this leads to, for example, registration of death outside of Ukraine or on the temporarily occupied territories, of any incorrect personal data about the person or the question of transliteration.
  • The lack of exchange of relevant data sets. For example, information on lost passports, which were later found.
  • The lack of return mechanism gossiped internally displaced persons, which were discontinued not their fault.

Given these nuances, the Pension Fund urged to finalize the draft law submitted by the Ministry of Finance, after which it can be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada.