In Ukraine occurs zrostannya prices on abluka

В Україні очікується зростання ціни на яблука

Average price for abluka in Ukraine for the year tbilisias least 2.5 Razi, and only 5% what nicou from a record high CN have CNC leaf fall 2017 R. Prot, for be called a few more tiinv Ukrainian abluka mozhut podorozhali school.

The reason for zrostannya prices in this year was suttle padna vroiau in Ukraine that NSA Cranach Vropy.

In the Dumka Ukrainian farmers, vzhe be called a few more for tiinv market abloc pobachiti chergova wave zrostannya CN. A Cup of COF on the fruits usually Patna srota naperedodni noworry Holy, I s coming holodiv.

Grown features tsogo season defcit actnic iablok I zbilshennya razryvu have cnah whichever from quality products. Ukrainian farmer today proponuyut rinku perevazhno fruit, paskoje hail parsey. Better abluka occult Cramo prices in shevisah and, according to the plans virobnikiv, z to be not as rinku January 2020 R.

A Cup of COF on “premum” segment of the Ukrainian tradere vzhe pocha “zakrivat” polskim jablocom, prices on Demba 1.5 Razi wish from CN standard Ukrayinsky abluka. For the butt, in termnal “Owoc the fruits” Gurtovoy rinku “SHUVAR” Norte Yabloko Golden sold for 13-14 UAH/kg. To quiet umovah propanoate o TA acce the Golden Yabluko the Ukrainian virobnika, order z zu products small that moskogen fruit sold duzhe Paulino UAH 8-9/kg.

In Department “Analytics” APIU “SHUVAR” stargoat scho segalini a Cup of COF on abluka in this season , digit BlsI, than year ago.

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