In Ukraine prezentovali will Dorozhny map spherical development of tourism

В Україні презентували Дорожню карту розвитку сфери туризму

In Ukraine presented will Dorozhny map spherical development of tourism, rosalena for Patrice Evropeyskogo Bank reconstructs I development (BRR).About TSE rospoli the patron’s head BRR in Ukraine Marina Petrov at strategichnogo forum “Konkurentnosti turistichni sector of Ukraine – the way forward”, powders correspondent Ukrinforma.

“At mi sbragia for dwellers of obgovorili will Dorozhny map for development of tourism konkurentospromozhnist ndustr I Podoroga in Ukraine. For us TSE duzhe baglivi document. VIN CCB of Rosaline mineralnymi investorami, experts for Patrice BRR. Meta document – dopomogty predstavnika ndustr tourism, and also authorities Vlady, the experts I Mineralni donors in strategichnogo development, that to zabezpechiti Novo quality spherical in General,” said Petrov.

Won accentual scho Ukraine has got down traditions goscinnosc the great potential of tourism development of the Yak pribytkovoj to a b_znes, that, first of all, dopomozhe struvite robots msca I to zabezpechiti Economie zrostannya.

“Zgidno zi Vsesvit swem konkurentsiamet Podoroga and tourism, in 2018 year zagalni of vnesok tourism I Podoroga in ekonomka Ukraine stanovov of about 5.5 billion dollars. ABO 5.7% of GDP. Have roslinnych economic share of tourism in GDP structure usually becoming of about 10% . In Ukraine ( potential for nutrio zrostannya “, – said the expert.

Also won zaznaczyla scho a potential dodatkovo zrostannya I to zblan castke investici.

“Statistics, Yak , we have, in the 2018 year of about 291 million dollars. ABO about 8 billion UAH Bulo proinvestbank – TSE lachey 2% from the General obsahu investici. Of course, tsogo of nedostatki. All TSE perform before, what share of the tourism sector I Podoroga for economci Ukraine salesas duzhe nizkou – Ukraine postal lachey the meeting place of 150 W 180 countries world over proportinal size contribution to GDP in ekonomka of the country”, – said predstavnik BRR.

Won Podolia takozh, scho in Derebucak to 2020 year on rozvytok tourism video of about 240 million UAH scho 14 RSV perevesu finansowania, Yak Bulo saladino in budget view from the past the rock, what to say about gotovnosti powers nvestigate in this sector.

“Tourist industry Mauger peritonitis one iz Lokomotiv development of small I serednioho to a b_znes, I won bude Strabane and BRR zi svogo side so needless continue reading Patrimoine bude Tsey processes,” said predstavnik Evropeyskogo Bank reconstructs I development.

Pid hour presentation Doronio Carty development of tourism in Ukraine sasaciloa scho in Ukraine Soroka priejaite hope tourists 14 million; in Serenoa tourist in Ukraine Salish of about 27 Euro for the day; s 2015 rock number MSCI in gothel smencils W about 400 tees. up to 300 tis. Ukraine in 2019 rotsi opustilsya on TV posits have rating konkurentospromozhnist Seswg economcial forum porwnania s pokusniki 2018 rock.

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