In Ukraine sharply reduced the price of imported cucumber

В Украине резко снизилась цена на импортный огурец

According to the daily monitoring of the project EastFruit, this week in Ukraine has sharply decreased the price of imported cucumber production of Turkey. Limited market supply of cucumbers from a local greenhouse complexes and relatively high product prices was the main reason why importers have increased shipments from Turkey.

As a result, the market supply of greenhouse cucumbers increased significantly, while sales rates, on the contrary, decreased. In this regard, the sellers were forced to revise selling prices downwards, and by the end of the week offered imported cucumbers at a price of UAH 28-30/kg ($1,16-1,25/kg), on average, 25% less than at the end of last work week.

Local cucumbers today offer a single greenhouse plants, while Recalling a limited supply of this product, voicing their prices at a high enough level 45-50 UAH/kg ($1,87-of 2.08/kg).

We will add that at the moment the sales of imported cucumber in Ukraine, there have been on average 13% less than in the same period of the previous year. Industry experts explain that, primarily, lower prices for cucumber directly in Turkey itself. The analysts emphasize that last year at this time, the major share of deals on the Ukrainian market cucumber was also of Turkish products.

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