In Ukraine started the first school for developers of cryptocurrency

The course was created on the initiative and efforts of the Blockchain Association of Ukraine.

В Україні запущено першу школу для розробників криптовалют

December 24, started the first school for blockchain developers is a 4-month practical course from Blockchain HUB Academy. The course was created on the initiative and efforts of the Blockchain Association of Ukraine and is the first of a series planned for the educational projects of the Association dedicated to technology, informs Rus.Media.

“The purpose of the initiative is to prepare technical professionals for kryptonet. We know that open source development open source is a matter of life and dream for many professionals. This is one of the few niches where the industry is growing rapidly, provides ample opportunity to monetize knowledge, while simultaneously giving a sense of satisfaction from the creation of value, where the products created are open to the world and each is a brick in the Foundation of a new paradigm of economic relations. Ukraine is willing to learn and are carriers of unique knowledge, so we see a win-win situation for all stakeholders,” said Vice-President of the ASSOCIATION Vitalyi Bulychev.

Over the program worked together experts with Distributed Lab, Pandora Boxchain, Kuna Exchange, Remme, Atticlab, BlockSoftLab the like.

The course is divided into two parts: the first Way Satoshi is dedicated to the “classic” blockchain bdon and bases of technologies of the distributed registry, the second PoSt-Satoshi Era – a spectrum of technologies and trends that appeared after btcore. Students will learn how to create a completely new blockchain, wallets and smart contracts to work with different methodologies and protocols, to acquire knowledge in the field of cryptography, game theory, etc.

The course provides a fully practical learning format, the lack of teachers, maximum load and tasks of high complexity, based on real cases blockchain projects. After completing the program students will possess the necessary expertise and skills for independent development of blockchain-based solutions.

“It was decided the first run done with our partners, the University UNIT Factory. Since the course is designed for developers who already have some knowledge in programming, the selection was conducted among students who have reached a certain level of training. The result was recruited a group of 30 students who proceed to the first task already this week. In the future we plan to run the course for everyone,” added DIRECTOR of Association Natalia Drik.