In Ukraine, the prices of imported cucumbers

В Украине подорожали импортные огурцы

This week prices of imported cucumbers in Ukraine continued to rise, analysts project EastFruit. Despite the fact that the supply of these products from Turkey continue to increase, according to market participants, the proposal of a hothouse cucumber remains fairly limited, that under conditions of stable demand, contributed to a further rise in the cost of imported products.

So, today wholesale shipments of cucumber of Turkish origin go on sale at a price 35-43 UAH/kg($1,45-1,78/kg), on average, 19% more than at the end of last work week. When active purchasing at the moment are mostly of the retail network, while the demand from small businesses remains minimal.

The price trend traders mainly attributed to the rise in greenhouse cucumber in Turkey, which is currently virtually the only supplier of these products to the Ukrainian market. Also, it is worth noting that most of the Ukrainian plants have already completed the implementation of a greenhouse cucumber of the previous turn.

As a result, today the price of imported cucumber in Ukraine in average 15% higher than the same period last year. At the same time, market players do not exclude that in the near future the market could significantly increase the supply of imported products that will slow down price growth in this segment.

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