In Ukraine vpershe have target tactile album for the blind about ukraïnsku swova culture

В Україні вперше створили тактильні альбоми для незрячих про українську та світову культуру

5 primerica albomu Varstu of about 20 tis. UAH free of charge skin peredut in nails, and de navchayutsya Netrac children.
In Ukraine vpershe have target tactile album for the blind about thisname swova culture. About TSE coordinator gromadsko organization “Fight for rights” that the project “Skarby culture for vsih people,” Yuliya Sachuk Podolia pid hour Pres-Konferenz in UNIAN. Won zaznaczyla, scho pratsyuє have sper Zahist rights of people W nally vzhe more Yak 10 years that for Tsey hour patila scho I have zvicina schools, and in schools for people W nally materialno-Tenna base je duzhe slabko I potrebu Veliko clast of dodatkowych materials. “The blind man, Yak I whether Yak NSA, abi life powinni Getty, potrebu accno osti. And otrymaty , no dostupnih materials wkra vaiko. In fact ti rocky vinila idea, I mi zrobili tactile scheme “Kislogo Metropolitano”, Yak ) to Central metro stations. From 2015 year together with our colleagues polskimi mi zrobili tactile map of Ukraine, a view from the past the rock world Atlas for blind people,” he zaznaczyla Sachuk. The words of the coordinator of the project, the idea of retrobyte tactile album has vinila have no a long time. “Won villicana wlasnym DOSUGA, that scho pid hour navchannya in scal sphere is for me “wiltel” General, that scho, mauchi porsenna Zora, I couldn’t baciti bagato chogo s that scho pokazhut Uchitel… Shodom I poluchila zrazki that scho to roblet behind a cordon, and Yak mozhna adaptivity art I are Robit Yogo blizkim for people that toil porsenna Zora, ABO ye blind,” he zagolosili Sachuk. Yak has zaznaczyla Sachuk, vosene 2018 rock together with kulturnim the curator of the project “Skarby culture for vsih people” Olga Goncharenko stink formuale team that pocha wilyat day in life. So m unable nakukuvat two tactile art-album “Skarby culture. Svit” TA “of Skarby culture. Ukraine”, that mstate tactile image vitoru is scho of wykonanych have technz tipografi – relevo the Druk, yaky daє zmogu “pobachiti in dotik”, and also the inventory of Braille. For Goncharenko, dwellers sformovat album, was conducted decline opetovne blind and takozh consultez z bogatimi the blind. Won zaznaczyla scho in albums predstavlen exponate s Ukrainian Museu. For Goncharenko, dwellers of stvoriti tipografja image, Boule potribni accn photograph, that dovodilos vddat Muse the prosieves to do photos. Kulturni curator of the project zagolosili scho HNA team is not otrimali vdovi zhodnogo from the Museum album mstate rsement tipografo the image – egipetskogo from the sarcophagus to RSNA vidw the pic. “TSI album mozhut dopomogty whitelam ccache raskazyvat I about geography, and about lterature, and talking about biology, I navti about HMU”, – pdreli won. Yak nagolovu Director of Educational-informazioa comp udarnogo center “UTOS” Oleksandr Hordika, zavdyaki yakomu unable nakukuvat inventory to albomu Braille, nadzvychaina it’s important, schob lyudin skin could pobachiti do ukraïnskoï swova culture spadini. Vodnochas Sachuk was soumaila scho power not dopomagala struvite art-album for the blind. “OAO all TSI material mi Robina without godno derzhavno Patrice for skin such project suckouts koshti, I in the school for the blind the organization, yaki pratsyuyut s blind people, mi peredam h free of charge”, – doda coordinator. For a words, the project participants are unable nakukuvat n’yat primerica albom, vartist skin s yakih of about 20 tis. UAH. H peredut in nails Ukrainian, and de navchayutsya Netrac children in Kharkov, Odes, Kew, in Lviv that Wolin. Won zaznaczyla scho taqiy format mestecky albomu – new for Ukraine, the project team spouts scho hni Dowd sparetime development of inclusive is in Ukraine. Sachuk was nagolovu takozh, scho team the project is ready free of charge peredati gotov Makati albom Tim people that organsism, yaki hochut that mozhut nakukuvat h.

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