In Ukraine, want to change the rules of employment

В Украине хотят изменить правила приема на работу

In the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine plans to consider the bill No. 1148, which would prohibit employers to ask questions relating to privacy when conducting interviews.

The bill will be considered next week.

“There are cases when the decision about hiring of the employee, including women, the employer learns about skills and career plans, but is also interested in personal life, for example, plans to register a marriage or birth that affects the final decision of the employer. Moreover, there are cases of refusal of employment of pregnant women,” — said in the explanatory note to the draft law.

The authors of the bill believe that some of the data about the personal life can affect the decision on admission to work, while professional quality sidelined.

The bill provides for the introduction of a ban on questions about national or political affiliation or place of registration. In addition, under the ban can be issues concerning relationships, family, health and salary level in the same place of work.

If at the interview the person will ask similar questions, he may not answer, and this may not be cause of denial of employment.

With the labor laws propose to add new paragraph is to guarantee the right to privacy. How this right will be guaranteed, the project is not.

As noted by the management company recruitment Yulia Grechko, discriminatory questions – a frequent phenomenon in the modern world.

Most often, according to experts, the candidates faced gender discrimination. For example, the girls who recently got married were denied employment due to the fact that they are in the next few years can go on maternity leave.

Julia Grechko said that even though Ukraine is a law prohibiting gender-based discrimination, however, did not comply and hope that he will start working is not worth it.

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