In Ukraine, want to create a special Fund for payments to victims of violence

В Украине хотят создать специальный фонд для выплат жертвам насилия

In Ukraine propose to introduce special payments for the victims of violence. The pay is not the offender, and the special Fund. The idea will come true in 2021, claim payments will be able to 20 thousand people annually. Thus victims may not wait until the verdict in the case. These plans shared by the Minister of justice Denis Malyuska.

The new Fund should be a part of a campaign to combat the problem of violence in Ukraine. “We expect an annual average of such payments will receive from 10 to 20 thousand victims of violent crimes. If the person died, to apply for compensation can someone from the relatives“, — told Maluska in an interview with the Censor.No.

To pay out money to all applicants, the Fund will need 200-300 million per year. To fill the Fund will from fees with offenders and convicted persons.

There are two proposals. The first is revenue from penalties in criminal and administrative cases. The draft law envisages the introduction of court fees in criminal proceedings for persons found guilty, “explained the Minister.

The Ministry of justice acknowledge that there is a chance that the future Fund will attempt to benefit it. “Such attempts are likely to be. Therefore, we are laying the rule that the person should contact the law enforcement Agency that conducted the investigation. All should remember that there is criminal liability for false report of a crime“, — he added.

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