In Ukraine will be a modern classes of mathematics, physics and chemistry

В Украине появятся современные классы математики, физики и химии

On mathematics and science education in schools in 2020 has allocated more than 800 million hryvnia.

We are talking about the arrangement in schools STEM labs and specialized classrooms. This has been defined as one of the main to mon.

MP from the 140-th district Sergey Kolbasin called it the first great victory of the educational Committee. According to him, the level of natural and mathematical education in schools is extremely low and this needs to change.

“The decline in the level of natural and mathematical education in schools can be easily tracked according to the EIT, TIMSS, PISA. Moreover, it is mathematics, physics and chemistry show a large gap between education in urban and rural areas. We must change the situation that the country has appeared that a layer of people, which will generate added value,” – stressed Sergei Kolbasin.

The MP added that such investment is only the first step to big changes. Kolbasin explained that in addition to the material-technical base there is a problem with the staff and content of the education.

Recently in Kiev held a hearing on this issue. Teachers and experts of all levels discussed the concept of development of natural and mathematical education in Ukraine.

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