In Ukraine will be fined for skipping school

В Украине начнут штрафовать за прогулы школьных уроков

Parents of persistent absentees will begin to prescribe penalties. This is referred to in the Cabinet decision.

В Украине начнут штрафовать за прогулы школьных уроков

Consonant with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 684, parents of schoolchildren can be held accountable for the systematic omissions of the lessons of their children. For valid reasons of absence of the child in the classroom include illness, vacation together with parents and other family circumstances, and inform

The document says that if a student there is no for 10 working days at the school and there is no good reason, the school must notify the service for children. The latter can also contact the police.

According to the law, the parents of persistent truants can be brought to administrative responsibility. Such cases will be considered in court. At the meeting, adults can impose a fine of from 850 to 1700 UAH.

In case of repetition of the situation with truancy, mom and dad will be obliged already to pay 1700 – 5100 UAH. The amount of the fine is determined by the nuances of the school situation.

Thus, if the child does not attend lessons, parents should be concerned about the evidence. This can be as a doctor’s note (in the case of illness), and a statement from one of the parents

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