In Ukraine will build a new prison

В Украине построят новые тюрьмы

The Ministry of justice of Ukraine reports that it will close a third of Ukrainian prisons and build in their place modern, but the Norwegian sample.

In Ukraine there are about 100 prisons, but most of them are not filled. A third disciplinary institutions will be sold, and instead will built a new, more modern.

In the new prisons will be implemented the experience of European countries where it is not customary in most cases to completely deprive criminals of freedom. Isolation is inefficient and costly to the state, and the person wean from a free life when they leave prison, commit new crimes. To avoid this, the Agency provides partial isolation, punishment in the form of a software correction, restriction of movement by electronic bracelet.

For those who really need complete isolation, it is planned to build a prison on the model of Norway: energy-efficient prison, specially designed for that. To be able to work with such prisoners. Prison will be built on the proceeds from the sale of the old institutions (together with the land). It is also possible to attract foreign investment, writes

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