In Ukraine will increase assistance for the care of children with disabilities

В Украине вырастет помощь по уходу за детьми с инвалидностью

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine during the meeting have voted in the first reading the bill No. 2031, which provides for a double increase social assistance to disabled children and disabled children.

The information was published on the official website of the Verkhovna Rada.

This law should improve the social protection of persons with disabilities from childhood. The bill was supported by 324 members of Parliament.

The initiators of the bill propose to raise the allowance to care

citizens with disabilities from childhood And subgroups of I from 75% to 150% of the subsistence minimum;for people with disabilities sub-group B group I from 50% to 100%;single persons with disabilities since childhood of II and III groups at the conclusion of the medical Commission of treatment-and-prophylactic institutions are in need of constant care from 15% to 75% of the subsistence minimum for persons incapacitated.The size of the subsistence minimum in Ukraine today is 1936 UAH.

All payments under the act will be included in the state budget of Ukraine in 2020.

Funding will be provided by avoiding hiding taxes and fees in the informal economy and offshore areas, it will allow to increase revenues to the state budget and funds of compulsory state social insurance for each month in the amount of 18.2 billion UAH. and at the expense of redistribution of expenses of the budget of the country.

Ukraine has simplified grants. The Cabinet has simplified the procedure of appointment of housing subsidies to certain categories of Ukrainians. So, the changes affected children’s homes of family type (DDST), rural pensioners and military personnel.

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