In Ukraine, will release new money

The national Bank issued two coins of 2 and 5 hryvnias.

В Україні випустять нові гроші

On 17 January the national Bank will put into circulation two new coins. One of 5 hryvnia denomination is called “100 years of the Act of Unity – the unity of Ukrainian lands”, and is dedicated to the proclamation of the act of Union of Ukrainian national Republic (UNR) and Western Ukrainian national Republic (ZUNR) into a single independent state, informs Rus.Media.

В Україні випустять нові гроші

The coin is made of Nickel silver, with a mass of 16.5 m and a diameter of 35.0 mm, with a Circulation of 40 thousand units.

The second coin was minted with a face value of 2 hryvnias, and dedicated to Bogdan Khanenko.

В Україні випустять нові гроші

“The representative of the famous Cossack Hetman kind, art collector, philanthropist, entrepreneur, public figure, who enjoyed authority in financial and industrial circles and was a prominent figure in business and social life of Kiev”, – said on the website of the national Bank.

2-a dime made of Nickel-silver. Weight – 12.8 g, diameter – 31 mm, Circulation – 35 thousand