In Ukraine will toughen the punishment for nonpayment of alimony

В Украине ужесточат наказания за неуплату алиментов

In Ukraine will toughen the punishment for nonpayment of debts for alimony.

This was reported on the information portal Finance.

It is reported that during the first six months of this year the debts on payment of child support reached a record high of 3.2 billion hryvnia. Thus, the state will be forced to confiscate the property, sent to compulsory public works, to impose administrative detention, and even to deprive of the will for a certain period neoplatic debt.

В Украине ужесточат наказания за неуплату алиментов

It should be noted that for 2018 and 2019 Ukrainians got 8 billion legitimate money from those who do not pay child support. Experts report that the law that provides for the payment of alimony parents for the child open. However, they noted that contributed to the acceleration of the repayment of debts tougher penalties for nonpayment, which was undertaken in 2018.

For example, in 2019 in the capital of Ukraine, representatives of law and order were arrested on the yacht of a man who owed his family some serious money. Then its the duty of the son was approximately 123 thousand UAH. But his punishment does not end there. Now he has to pay a fine in the amount of fifty percent of the total debt. Accordingly, now he will have to pay even more than sixty thousand, under the current law. This is not the only case of such punishment. Last year the justice Department auctioned the confiscated car brand Ferrari 456 GT for 2.15 million. This penalty is suffered for failure to pay child support. Also, a case where the father settled with his family only apartment the size of two rooms.

In the case that the debtor simply have nothing to pay, he will be sent to forced labor depending on the size of the debt. Send to 120-240 days.

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