In Venezuela before the election is allowed to vote for MPs in exile

В Венесуэле перед выборами позволили голосовать депутатам в изгнании

The opposition suggests that this will help win their leader Juan Guido

National Assembly of Venezuela, led by the opposition, approved the change in rules that will allow legislators in exile to vote on the sessions. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to Bloomberg.

Changes made on the eve of elections of the head of the legislature, scheduled next month.

The rule is that legislators who are unable to attend meetings due to political persecution or force majeure, can vote remotely.

The opposition suggests that this rule will strengthen the chances of Juan Guido for re-election to the post of Governor meeting on 5 January after nearly two dozen legislators left the country or hidden.

It happened once this year, they were deprived of their immunity, exposing them to criminal prosecution.

Supporters of Nicolas Maduro said that he would ask the Supreme court, consisting of government allies to reverse the decision. The Supreme court has already invalidated all actions of the National Assembly.

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