In Vnukovo the plane landed due to deteriorating health of a passenger

Во Внуково приземлился самолет из-за ухудшения здоровья пассажира

In Moscow’s Vnukovo airport forced the plane landed because of the deterioration of the health status of the passenger. The liner of airline “Russia” flew from St. Petersburg to Antalya, reports RIA Novosti.

Passengers were transferred to the medical service workers. His family members who were there, refused to continue the flight.

It is reported that after refueling, the aircraft will fly to destination.

Previously, the passenger An-24 of airline “Angara” has crash-landed at the airport of Nizhneangarsk in Buryatia. During the mission, the aircraft refused one of the engines. At landing there was an ignition of aircraft. Killing the pilot and technician. 21 passengers asked for medical help.