In what position you can quickly get pregnant (photo)

Most couples think that conceiving a kid is very simple. However, it is not so.

В якій позі можна швидко завагітніти (фото)

Only one unprotected sexual intercourse may not be enough for conception. Sometimes you have to wait very long for a long-awaited offensive pregnancy.

To speed up this process you need to follow some rules. In addition, it is important to know in what position you can quickly get pregnant. The pictures in this article will help you to decide.

Most women know that to conceive a child is possible only in a favorable time, when the ripened egg leaves the ovary and moves through the pipe where it should meet the sperm.

If this does not occur, the egg dies and comes out during menstruation. Every girl needs to know exactly which days she is ovulation. But this is not enough. It turns out you can greatly increase the chances of getting pregnant with well-chosen poses.

Favourable postures for conception

The majority of lovers love variety in sex, try to try the most extreme poses. However, it is better the classic poses. It is not necessary to choose the posture in which the male’s family can easily flow out of the vagina. The more sperm stays in, the more chance to conceive a baby.

The best postures are those in which the sperm can easily get to the uterus and to continue their journey to the Mature egg. If you avoid experiments in bed fails before ejaculation need to get back to a position, in which the sperm gets into the uterus, and will not be there to flow out.

Or the classic missionary position

В якій позі можна швидко завагітніти (фото)

This is the first pose that you want to try.

If you use this posture, the body of the two partners feels relaxed and it is considered to be the most natural position, which is the most convenient in view of the anatomical peculiarities of people and contribute to a more rapid conception.

If you like this pose, it will significantly increase your chances of a quick conception.

A woman’s body should be positioned horizontally. This fits very well the classic pose. The only way a young person is allocated a greater number of seeds, which immediately falls into the cervix, and the position contributes to strip sperm unobstructed path to fallopian pipes.

What should be especially noted that the position is suitable for allwho have no abnormalities in the development of the genital organs. Now you already know in what position you can quickly get pregnant. Pictures other effective poses for a quick insemination you will see next.

Pose “dog” or doggy style

В якій позі можна швидко завагітніти (фото)

This sexual position allows you to penetrate the penis into the vagina, which increases the chances of success. In this position the penis of the penis almost reaches to the cervix, in the literal sense of the word delivers sperm to the destination.

The knee-elbow posture

В якій позі можна швидко завагітніти (фото)

Girl appears in front of a man on his knees, raising his pelvis. The depth of penetration of the penis is greatly increased, which contributes to the direct penetration of the sperm into the uterus, while the semen does not flow out. Most young lovers, I love this pose with the depth of penetration of the penis and new sensations.

General outside

В якій позі можна швидко завагітніти (фото)

In this position the woman bends the knees and places them on the shoulders of his partner. In this position the man can penetrate deeply into the woman, the sperm goes straight to the cervix.


В якій позі можна швидко завагітніти (фото)

In this position , the partners lie on his side, the woman is back to the man. In this position the principal is the husband, he maintains the tempo and can caress the body of the partner. Penis is becoming considerably closer to the cervix, which contributes to the rapid penetration of sperm.


Do not rush to stand up after sex

Give yourself more time for the sperm to reach the goal — the egg. Lie down after ejaculation partner at least 15-20 minutes, do not rush in the shower. For best result, you can even throw your feet on the wall or put a pillow under the pelvis.

This technique has been effective and useful for increasing the chances of fertilization of the egg and is called the “pose birches”.

В якій позі можна швидко завагітніти (фото)

Stress is the enemy of conception!

Remember that stress is one of the main factors that affect fertility. A number of psychogenic factors influence successful conception. So do everything you can to get rid of stress and enjoy sex.

Do not rush to the bath

How strange it would not sound, do not rush to wash immediately after rough sex. Wait for a while. Soap change the microflora of the vagina, and stops the movement of sperm. For greater certainty postpone taking a shower for a while.

Couples with problems conceiving to get pregnant fast. But, unfortunately, such problems faced by many young people, even if you know in what position you can quickly get pregnant.


Don’t forget that for quick fertilization is often important not to have sex, and deal with them in a certain time.

So, calculate your ovulation and don’t waste your time.

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