In Zhytomyr will establish a monument to Bandera next to the graves of those killed on his orders Melnyk

It is a strange harmony in the understanding of the Zhitomir authorities!

В Житомире установят памятник Бандере рядом с могилами убитых по его приказу мельниковцев

Director of the Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky writes:

“In Zhytomyr will establish a monument to Stepan Bandera. Glorious pages of the history of the OUN was associated with this city. There are monuments to leaders of OUN Miller – Scyborsky and Senik. In August 1941, they killed the agent of OUN Bandera. They are buried not far from the place where it will be a monument to Stepan Bandera.In Zhytomyr there is a monument to the activist of the OUN (m) Oleg Olzhich. Olzhych – organizer of the court of OUN (m) over Bandera and Stetsko, sentencing them to death.

Olzhych known not only that: one of the organizers of the auxiliary police of Kiev, he was in charge of ideology in the Council, produced an anti-Semitic newspaper “Ukrainian word”, which called for the murder of Jews during the Babi Yar.

Earlier Zhytomyrska oblrada decided to raise the flag of OUN of Bandera in Bandera’s birthday and the birthday of Taras Shevchenko. In this case, apparently, Scyborsky had to roll over in the grave, and Olzhych to rotate around its axis. The deputies did not stop, and to improve the lives of citizens announced 2019 as the year of Stepan Bandera.

And so, in 2020 there will be the apogee of the national liberation struggle: the city will decorate providnece monument to Stepan Bandera. Those who will look at all these monuments need to know: monuments to the organizers and accomplices of the murder of many thousands of inhabitants of Zhitomir.”
Shortly before the Maidan on the platform of the website “New Renion”, which was preparing a virtual press conference ideologist of “Freedom” Yury Mikhalchishin with written answers to questions asked that question, after which he blew off the press conference to my question not answer: “Pahner Yuri!
Here you very soon – may 23 to celebrate your cult party holiday – Day of heroes.
Tell me, please, for the wider community – who is from the galaxy of nationalist leaders, your heroes, because heroes always some killing and torturing other characters. So how do we – ordinary Ukrainians to decide – who are great characters?
Why the heroes of Bandera and Lebed destroyed the heroes of Bulba-Borovets? Here is what he wrote in his open letter to the OUN-b: “what are you fighting For? For Ukraine, or for your OUN? For the Ukrainian state, or dictatorship in this country? For the Ukrainian people, or just for your party?. .. Was there ever in Ukraine such revolutionary organization that his own people feared would be more worst enemy, and its members were called otherwise as “pucarani” and “sokirniki”? … What to do with the liberation of Ukraine Bandera attempts are now subordinate to the Ukrainian masses to your party dictatorship and fascist ideology, which is contrary to the Ukrainian people … And how many of the victims of terror, putovanja or infamous zamachivanie those of chairmen of village councils, bulbivtsiv, Melnyk, radicals, old Petlyura, the former Komsomol members, vespertina conscious and honest Ukrainians who were killed only because they were of other beliefs, condemn the criminal Bandera job.”
One of the founders of the Ukrainian national liberation movement and leaders of the OUN-m and next to Andrew Miller people Zinovy Knysh in his work “Rebellion Bandera” wrote:
“In the party and blinding hatred to the correct Wire to suit the nationalists of Stepan Bandera companions muzzled treacherous way of thousands of Ukrainians. A victim of Bandera terror fell: the centurion Omelian Senyk-Gribivsky, Colonel ing. Nicholas Scyborsky (Creator of the Constitution of the OUN, – Varyag), regiment. Roman Sushko, Dr. Jaroslav mitsik, Igor subsky, two brothers Presley, hundreds of lower organizational assets and 4,000 members, supporters and fighters.
Responsible for the death of those people lying on Stepan Bandera and his associates.”

As ordinary Ukrainians to decide, which one to choose heroes: Bandera and his people, or those figures of the national liberation movement, which they killed? “

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