Incidents in London during an anti-containment protest

Incidents in London during anti-containment protest

LONRDES | Ten people were arrested and four police officers injured on Saturday in London during a protest that brought together thousands of opponents of restrictions taken in the United Kingdom in the face of the resurgence of the new coronavirus, police said.

Incidents erupted when law enforcement intervened to disperse the protest in Trafalgar Square, which was not following recommendations to prevent transmission of the virus, according to the same source.

Of the four injured police officers, two required hospital treatment, London police said on Twitter.

Among the protesters was conspiratorialist David Icke, a former footballer and presenter who has shone in the past by arguing that the world is ruled by reptiles and that the British royal family is in fact made up of lizards.

In the crowd, many demonstrators held up anti-vaccination placards such as “Fuck your vaccine”.

In a statement to the UN General Assembly on Saturday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson called anti-vaccines a “dangerous obsession.”

A quarter of the 66 million inhabitants of the United Kingdom are affected by local restrictions intended to curb the second wave of the virus, which has killed nearly 42,000 in the country, the hardest hit in Europe.

Hoping to avoid a second national lockdown, Boris Johnson's government introduced a rule banning gatherings of more than six people and forced pubs and restaurants to close at 10 p.m.

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