Incitement to racial hatred: The elected FN Steeve Briois can he be tried for a tweet?

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The mep FN Steeve Briois can he be on trial for a tweet, making the link between migrants and sexual assault, to be disseminated in the context of a speech to the european Parliament, or the parliamentary immunity of mep protects ? The correctional court of Paris must make its decision on 9 November.

The mayor of Hénin-Beaumont and general secretary of the party of the extreme right had to be judged on Wednesday for incitement to racial hatred, because of a tweet that it was released on November 23 2016, the day of a plenary session of the european parliament.

“”The distribution of #migrants has resulted in the explosion of the sexual assault, in Germany, Sweden, Austria, etc..” #PlenPE “, had tweeted the member of the european parliament, the keyword #PlenPE it could also mean that he uttered these words during this plenary session. The League against racism and antisemitism (Licra) had posted this tweet (which is always visible on the Twitter account of the person concerned) to the public prosecutor of Paris, who had opened an investigation, and was incorporated as a civil party.

“The Opinions or votes expressed in the exercise of its functions”

Wednesday, at the opening of the trial, the lawyer of Steeve Briois, Me David Dassa-Le Deist, felt that the tweet could not be disjoined from about comparable that mep was required at this session. “Steeve Briois, member of the european parliament “, tweets about “who repeat almost word near its remarks to the tribune”,-he summarized. Therefore, he believed, the parliamentary immunity of the elected must be applied to this tweet as it applies to his speech.

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The 1965 protocol on the privileges and immunities of the european Communities provides that the members of the european parliament may not be prosecuted because of their opinions or votes emitted by them in the exercise of their functions “. The court has decided to examine the only question of immunity before addressing the merits of the case. It will make its decision on 9 November.

A wave of sexual assaults, which he attributed to foreigners, was held in the German city of Cologne on the night of December 31, 2015 January 1, 2016, triggering criticisms on the policy of the home led by chancellor Angela Merkel facing an influx of refugees unprecedented. Most of the perpetrators of these attacks have never been identified. Among the a few suspects identified, most were from Algeria and Morocco.