Increase equipment sales, exercise

Hausse des ventes d'équipements d'exercice

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It is the increase in equipment sales year in April, compared to the same period last year, according to Statistics Canada.

Across the country, most of the gyms, yoga studios and other fitness centres have had to close their doors in the containment.

The Canadians have turned to other ways to keep in shape and have purchased many sports facilities.

Others are more oriented toward activities that are a little less sweat. This explains the increase of nearly 40 % of the sales of electronic game consoles compared to last year.

The numbers of the week : 439,4 M$

It is the total compensation paid to federal employees who have been entitled to leave with pay during the outbreak of coronavirus.

From 15 march to 31 may, 76 804 employees have taken a leave of absence other than vacation and sick leave usual, according to the Treasury Board Secretariat.

We are talking here about those who were suffering from the COVID-19, or might be, who could not keep their children, did not have access to the network of the government, lack of equipment, or whose tasks were limited to allow essential employees to work.

The use of this leave is now declining, says the Treasury, which may be related to the decrease in the number of cases in the country and the déconfinement in the provinces.

– Sarah Daoust-Braun

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