Independent: Boris Johnson — the last British Prime Minister?

Independent: Борис Джонсон — последний премьер Великобритании?

Will Boris Johnson last Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? There are already predictions that the collapse of the country will be part of his nasty heritage. With regard to counting of votes in the elections, the loss of Scotland can be regarded as quite a lucrative option for the Conservative party, which gradually turned into an English nationalist party. However, I can’t imagine that this will be the legacy that will suit someone like Johnson, with his deep sense of history — and we should take note of his monumental ego.Apparently, the convincing victory will give him the opportunity to do what he wanted, he can be “elected dictator”, as my colleague Sean O’grady (Sean O’grady). Thus — theoretically — he can stop to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence during the whole period of the new Parliament.However, there are certain political realities that have to be considered. One of them is that Scotland made a completely different choice than England, and the dissatisfaction of supporters of Scottish independence in the result has increased. According to polls, the mood in society has changed: more and more people that supported the last time an existing Union, look at the Johnson, and begin to change the point of view. Perhaps this campaign will not be quick, but it will begin this morning and will gain strength.And now for the rates, which indicate that chance is not very favorable.As for Scotland, the chances of holding a referendum during the term of the new Parliament, it is five to one, indicating the existence of an implied probability at the level of 16.7%. I think this is more than fair rate. I was inclined to have a lower bet, although the payout may be only a few years.Less favourable chances exist in other parts of the existing Union, but they are not much less in Northern Ireland, and this is most likely the next place where the referendum will be held. “To Hold Brakcet” (Get Brexit Done), Johnson “pushed under a London bus” former allies of the Conservative party in the Democratic unionist party (Democratic Unionist Party). Now re-appear border on the island of Ireland.Horrible deal the Prime Minister about Brexia can strongly affect the Northern part of Ireland than any other region within today’s divided Kingdom (dis-United Kingdom). Farmers there already have expressed discontent, and the reasons are obvious. And dissatisfied not only the farmers. Bet company Paddy Power on a United Ireland in the period of the new Parliament is six to one, only slightly smaller (14.3 per cent) than on the second vote on Scottish independence. Of course, this would mean that the Republic will have to deal with the Democratic unionist party headed by Arlene foster (Arlene Foster), and I’m not sure it would be quite fair to wish someone to deal with it.On other issues we are even less likely to succeed. Despite the noise from the Party of Wales (Plaid Cymru), the prospect of a referendum on independence in Wales is very, very unlikely — 66-to-1, and this situation can be considered absolutely justified.As a joke I also made a bid to hold a referendum on the independence of London, and now 250 to 1. Before you laugh at this idea, it should be recognized that London is the majority of its inhabitants are opposed to Brexia, — that rather keeps up with the rest of the country. The capital he was twice as mayor Johnson, but today romance of Londoners with the former owner of city hall has ended. In this city born of the independence movement, and there’s even a party that supports it.Realistically, no the result is not even a minor interest for the next five years. And for the next ten years? Compare the situation ten years ago with what we have today and to your mind immediately will come the phrase “Strange things happen”. What if you take 15?While we certainly believe that London will be under water by that time. I’m kidding, of course — but given the fact, as to the issue of climate are today’s politics, the chances of such an option can also be unpleasantly high.

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