Independent: experts spoke about the subversive role of breccia for the European Union

Independent: эксперты рассказали о подрывной роли брексита для Евросоюза

Experts on European politics and historians believe that breaksit will lead to the growth of separatism and economic and political rivalry not only in Britain but throughout the EU, writes The Independent. The additional danger, according to them, is the proximity of Russia to potential factors of instability.

Only about 3% of news content relative to the British exit from the EU is dedicated to one of the most important aspects of breccia — the impact on European stability and security, reports The Independent.Experts on European politics and historians “stunned” by the imbalance in the coverage of the issue in the media and warn of possible consequences.”Given our history, we know that failures in European solidarity and stability had terrible consequences. The decrease in the level of European solidarity, the growth of economic and political rivalry and the rise of nationalism, ultimately, pose a threat to all in the UK and continental Europe”, — said the head of the Department of international relations at the University of Glasgow Professor Beatrice Heuser.At the same time in connection with PACSICOM and the resulting tensions in Europe, which will greatly weaken the Union, under the threat there can be, at least 16 of its districts, mostly in Eastern Europe.So, according to historians, the reluctance of the UK to work hard for the benefit of enterprises of countries of Europe in the twentieth century is one of the major causes of the destabilization of the region.In addition, pexit can cause instability in the UK. In particular, the exit from the EU may cause an increase in nationalist sentiment in Scotland and Northern Ireland.However, the deepening of the European division and the strengthening of separatist sentiment “destructive by themselves.” However, the proximity of Russia to such a large number of potential factors of instability is additional serious problem, experts say.According to The Independent, the greatest threat is the collapse of the EU because the Union and its structures Europe has lived in peace for 75 years. However, over the last 500 years, the region was ravaged by war, approximately 60% of the time. And if not to take into account the last seven decades, this figure is to increase to 70%.Now increasingly popular becomes the European practice of issuing passports of one state by residents of neighboring areas of other countries. Although the main aim is increasing political influence, and not the seizure of territories, the effect of the publication considers the threat for the EU.

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