Independent from the Russian Federation in Libya – “mercenaries”, and the US – are honest soldiers and the drone shot down “mercenaries”

Independent: у РФ в Ливии – «наемники», а у США – честные бойцы и беспилотник, сбитый «наемниками»

The us military has accused the Russian air defense that they shot down last month near the Libyan capital of an unmanned aerial vehicle.This drone is repeatedly carried out reconnaissance flights in the area, where among the various Libyan factions fighting continued for control of Tripoli.In recent weeks, there are increasing concerns about the extent of Russian involvement in this civil conflict, which goes in 2014 and has already claimed the lives of thousands of people (as in the text, in fact, civil war in Libya in 2011, when the Western-backed opposition, mainly Islamist, launched a war against the government of Colonel Gaddafi, overthrew him, and then at loggerheads with each other — approx. ed.). They say that the Russian mercenaries are helping the field commander of the Caliph Haftarot and his so-called Libyan national army (LNA) in the battle for the capital.The commander of the African command of the US troops, army General Stephen Townsend (Stephen Townsend) expressed deep concern about the apparent presence of Russian in Libya and demanded the return of the wreckage of a downed drone.He acknowledged that the operators of air defense “didn’t know it was an American vehicle with a remote control when they opened fire on him, but now they know exactly to whom it belongs”.”They refuse to return the debris, the General said Townsend Agency “Reuters”. They say they do not know their whereabouts, but I don’t trust them”.”This underscores the pernicious influence of Russian mercenaries trying to influence the outcome of the civil war in Libya. They are directly responsible for the recent sharp escalation of hostilities, the increase of death and destruction around Tripoli”.Us Secretary of defense mark Esper (Mark Esper) this week refused to comment on the downed drone, but said that, in his opinion, Russia is trying to “put its thumb on the scales” the civil war in Libya to create best for a situation.The official representative of the international recognition of the national consensus Government (NTC) of Libya, which in 2015 is a transitional government in accordance with the UN supported the initiative, said the Agency “Reuters” that, apparently, is the responsibility of the Russian mercenaries.According to the American assessment at the time of disappearance of the UAV on 21 November, the defenses ruled or employees of Russian private military companies or troops of the Haftarot. About this media reported the press-Secretary of the Africa command Christopher Carnes (Karns Christopher).Advisor on American Affairs of the NTC, Mohammed Ali Abdallah (Mohammed Ali Abdallah) said that the American drone was flying close to the point haftaroth the LDF in the district of Tarhuna, 65 kilometers Southeast of Tripoli. According to him, the assistance of the LNA have more than 1 400 Russian mercenaries.”Only Russians have this capability — and they were right where it happened,” said Abdallah to the Agency “Reuters”.”We understand that the Russian partners Haftorah asked him to take responsibility, even though the LDF no skills in the destruction of air targets, nor the appropriate equipment in order to shoot down American drones,” he added.Haftar, who claims that fighting for the liberation of Tripoli from Islamist armed groups also received support from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt, said diplomats and officials from Tripoli.Russian authorities deny that they use mercenaries abroad, and say that fighting abroad Russians is civilian volunteers. The LDF deny that enjoys foreign support.

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