Independent: psychiatrists warn mental state trump threatens US “catastrophe”

Independent: психиатры предупреждают — душевное состояние Трампа грозит США «катастрофой»

A group of psychiatrists urges Congress to pay attention to “dangerous mental state” of U.S. President Donald trump, which can lead to a truly “catastrophic consequences” for the country, writes The Independent. According to experts, because of the investigation within the procedure of impeachment and the threat that this process poses to the “fragile self esteem” of trump, the mental state of the President may deteriorate even more.

A group of specialists in psychiatry called on the house Committee on legal Affairs considered “dangerous mental state” of U.S. President Donald trump. In their opinion, it “fragile self esteem” is threatened by the investigation in the framework of the impeachment, writes The Independent.”We act now because we are convinced that in view of the upcoming impeachment Donald trump could become even more dangerous and start to pose a threat to our country, “—say the Professor at Yale school of medicine bandy Lee, Professor, University of Washington Dr. John Zinner and former psychologist of the CIA, Jerrold Post. This was announced in a written statement to the house Committee on legal Affairs.This statement is accompanied by a petition signed by not less than 350 experts in the field of psychiatry. All three of the above-mentioned psychiatrist’s reported willingness to testify in the procedure of impeachment.In this document, the authors warn that “the lack of control or inability to understand the psychological aspects of impeachment trump and dropping them off can lead to catastrophic consequences“.”We implore Congress to take seriously these dangerous signs and curb his destructive impulses. We and many other people are prepared to give appropriate advice and to provide citizens with all necessary information so that we could maximize the level of our common security, “write the psychiatrists.Although Lee and her colleagues offered their services in the framework of the impeachment process and before, to make such a statement, according to the doctor, maybe because the American leader “is increasingly spreading their conspiracy theories” and “demonstrated a great deal of cruelty and vindictiveness” in his “increasingly frequent and recurring tweets“. Lee believes that this speaks to the fact that his crazy ideas it more fun.”I believe that these ideas are rather suitable for classification of delusions than just the usual lies“, she added, citing the example of trump’s statement during a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Then he said that “many legal scholars” “has studied” the transcript of his conversation with President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and came to the conclusion that the call was “absolutely perfect“.While Lee acknowledged that some members of Congress — especially the Republicans, support the President, can dismiss this warning attribute it to political differences. However, the doctor noted that this allegation should be taken seriously, as their training suggests that trump demonstrates “certain symptoms of severe pathology and is similar to a person who requires enhanced medical monitoring“.”We have the skills to distinguish healthy from abnormal phenomenon. When the algorithm converges anomaly, we can come to the conclusion that this pathology, and not one of the many behaviors typical of healthy people. In diseases in which a layman, unfamiliar with the condition, sees only another political ideology or political style, we see a very recognizable stereotype“, she said.According to Lee, the fact that the President continues to promote conspiracy theories, really is a public health issue, because the ability of the American leader to attract new people leads to a “psychosis of national scale“.”His detachment from reality… his pathology spreads faster than rational people have time to point out the facts, “added the doctor, noting that the house of representatives should consider this issue together with the legal and constitutional aspects of impeachment.Dr. Zinner, a specialist in narcissistic personality disorders, told The Independent that members of Congress should be warned that any threat to bring impeachment if President takes a man with such a pathology, like trump. According to him, trump is a textbook example of narcissistic personality disorder.”Impeachment is the greatest threat to his self-esteem from those with whom he had ever faced, and we are very concerned because his rage could lead to even more devastating consequences than ever in the past, “added the doctor.

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