Indexing in October: how many will pay extra to pension and salary

Индексация в октябре: сколько доплатят к пенсии и зарплате

In October in accordance with the law № 1282-XII in Ukraine will be held indexation of income. According to its results, the Ukrainians will be increased by the amount 214.75 UAH.

It is reported

The government will raise the following revenue:

wages at the enterprises of state form of ownership;

a pension, which was appointed in connection with age, loss of breadwinner in the family or receipt of disability;

child support that is calculated as a percentage of income;

funds for the maintenance of the military;

benefit unemployed and have passed retraining from the employment Center;

payments for injuries and diseases of children, caused by disease or injury of the mother during the working process.

To calculate the size of indexation of income multiply the amount you pay for the labor on the rate of increase in the consumer price index, divided by 100 %.

The amount of indexation of income is calculated based on approved 1 July cost of living index in 2007, UAH. subject to the waste standard time in the month.

However, there are nuances:

for people on part-time work the amount of indexation of wages determine the rate of full-time, but are paid in proportion to actual hours worked;

for those on sick leave or holiday, the size of the index calculated on the basis of days worked and hours per month;

for not working during the month the calculation of the indexation of wages is not carried out.

Note that due to the indexation of the average pension in Ukraine grew by UAH 500 and is 3033 hryvnia.

Earlier, Ukrainians with disabilities will receive additional cash assistance from the state.

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