India and Pakistan opened the border for pilgrims-Sikhs

Индия и Пакистан открыли границу для паломников-сикхов

Now, the Indian Sikhs don’t need to obtain a visa to visit the temple of the Darbar Sahib Kartarpur in Pakistan. Foreign Minister of Pakistan drew Parallels with the fall of the Berlin wall.India and Pakistan opened for the pilgrims of the so-called Carterpuri corridor, passing through the joint border. The opening ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Narendra modi was held on Saturday, 9 November. The ceremony on the Pakistani side, in turn, was attended by the head of the government of this country Imran Khan.

The road is 4.5 km long connects the Shrine of Dera Baba Nanak in India and the temple of the Darbar Sahib in the Pakistani city of Kartarpur, where the founder of Sikhism Guru Nanak spent the last 18 years of his life. Now Sikhs can visit what is important to them a Holy place without bureaucratic red tape associated with the need of a visa. First open the path went a group of more than 500 pilgrims, including the former head of Indian government Manmohan Singh.

The opening of the border compared with the fall of the Berlin wall

On the eve of foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Qureshi compared the opening Kartarpura corridor with the fall of the Berlin wall, the 30th anniversary of catalogobject on Saturday, November 9, in Germany. Step of India and Pakistan can change the situation in South Asia just as it happened in Europe in 1989, said Qureshi.

Hostile relations between India and Pakistan recently deteriorated due to the deterioration of the Kashmir conflict. Kashmir – a disputed region in the Northwest of the Indian subcontinent, former Principality in the Himalayas have been divided into two parts in 1947 after the war between India and Pakistan. Both countries still claim the entire territory of the region.

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