India Desjardins and the bug of the year 2000

India Desjardins et le bogue de l’an 2000

Currently in isolation with her boyfriend Olivier, aka the Pharmachien, and their dog Gustav, India Desjardins stated that it has had a recent coup de coeur ” for the new series HERE Tou.TV, Project 2000.

“It really made us laugh, my boyfriend and me,” she said about this project co-authored by Julien Lacroix and Olivier Thivierge, with Louis Morissette as head writer. This is a group that is preparing for the end of the world, on the eve of the year 2000 bug. It is therefore very much in the theme of the moment ! It is so well-written, foolish desire, and played well. My boyfriend has even proposed that we look at it a second time to laugh again ! “

Among his other favourites in television, India Desjardins loved The last night (” a survey really well-conducted “), run away (” this is really troubling, even if I have a reserve on the end “).

She added that she also devoured these police series : The flaw, Fragile, Cérébrum and honorable. “I also recommend the series more light as The ephemeral and Fork. And I’m an unconditional fan of Letting go ! “

Manic podcasts

We should not think that India Desjardins spends all his days in front of the tv. It is also a big consumer of podcasts. It shall appoint a fifteen (!) among its blows of heart, including Why Julie ?, Welcome to Cité-des-Prairies, Traffic, My version of the facts, Summaries, Distortion and Chord.

And of course, the author has taken advantage of his new free time to browse the books, including those of Liv Strömquist, ” particularly The red rose blossoms, The feelings of prince Charles and Grandeur and decadence. “

Among its other activities, ” in containment “, India Desjardins does yoga “on Facetime with my teacher” and plays to many games with her boyfriend, whose Robinson Crusoe and… Pandemic.

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